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📖 Overview

About Royalty Finance
Royalty Finance presents RoyalPay.
RoyalPay is an auto-staking and auto-compounding decentralised protocol, on the Binance Smart Chain, providing investors with an annual yield of 1429.13%.
The contract uses an anti-dump shield to protect your investment and the sustainability of the protocol. The ultimate safeguard against pump and dumps.
Investors will be able to sell 1-5% per day, depending on the current sell limit.
The team consists of highly experienced developers, DeFi community owners, successful executives, and additional adept colleagues. Alongside this, Royalty Finance is partnered with an array of outfits, to bridge any gaps in expertise and relations.
Having the investors’ confidence is also paramount to Royalty's success.
The full Royalty Finance team is KYC verified with CertiK.